Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date 2017

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date Updated! The New Release Date of Mi6 is 28th June 2017. Welcome to the latest Information of Xiaomi Mi6 the upcoming Smartphone 2017. Xiaomi make the brand Mi and every year Release a New Smartphone. Recently, Xiaomi has released the Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone and currently the Xiaomi Mi6 yet to Release. Here we are providing the update information about the Xiaomi Mi6 Release date all over the World, Specific Countries and the Online Store like Amazon, Flipkart and all others. Recently, the Xiaomi Mi6 Release date has been updated! Just Stay with us and get the All Information about Xiaomi Mi6 with specially its Release date.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date 2017:

You already know that the Xiaomi Mi6 Release date has updated! But, do you know, when will the Xiaomi Mi6 Release on? It is the popular question of the people all the world. Listen, the Xiaomi Mi6 will Release on “28th April 2017” The Authority and management team of Xiaomi Mi Series confirm us the release date of Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone. The Beta Version of the Xiaomi Mi6 will release on “April 2017” in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Get the below table to know the Xiaomi Mi6 Release date in Specific Countries.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date in USA:

The Xiaomi Mi6 will Release on 28th April 2017 in beta Version in USA. The Full version will be available on April 2017. The Smartphone will available with the highest number of New Features and it will provide the combination with upcoming iPhone 7 (Powered by Apple). Just wait until the Xiaomi Mi6 Release and get this Awesome Smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date in UK:

The Xiaomi Mi6 will available in UK when the Device is ready to Release! The Xiaomi Mi6 Authority explained that they will sell the Device in UK after completing the release officially for Beta Testing and Popularity Checking. Some location’s people will get the beta Device of Xiaomi Mi6. All other people will get the Mi6 Device on 28th April 2017 when the Device will Release completely. Till then stay with us, we will include the exact date of the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Publish.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release date in India:

On the Current Search trends, we find that, the 70% and more users from the India are looking for the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone 2016. So, it is conforming that the Xiaomi Mi6 lover’s maximum comes from India. The Xiaomi Mi6 will release on “28th April 2017” in India. If you are an Indian and currently wait for the Xiaomi Mi6 Release date, Please be noted that Xiaomi will Release the Mi6 Device in your Country First of the other Asian Countries. So, be informed that the Device will available after the releasing in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date in China:

The China is also the listed country for top releasing the Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone. When the Device will release on India, with the same times, it will available in China. Already Xiaomi has made a top country list for Releasing the Mi6 Smartphone. You already know that a large number of people all over the world are still waiting to buy the Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone. It is not possible to provide the Smartphone on the same times to all Countries. The Xiaomi Mi6 will available in China on the Last Week of April 2017.

Finally, if any more Information or update news about the Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date, we will get, be informed that it will automatically add in this post by us. If you have any Question or confusion or Query about Xiaomi Mi6, Please ask to us in here. We will reply you back with the Right Information instant. Thank you for being with us.


  1. Where to buy mi 6 in China, I mean which site???

    1. I have the phone... unlocked. glass black. let me know if you want it... I am in Pune

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